Travel and tourism

The biggest sector that we currently have in PRC is the tourism industry along with the influx of travellers since we became a state of the USA. There has been a removal of the many restrictions that stopped people from originally coming into the state, and alongside that people are now able to come to the state of PRC and do whatever it is they want. Whether they come here for a family holiday, a party holiday or even to drink by the beach, there is something for everyone.

So alongside that, the government took massive strides to upgrade the cultural aspects. Since PRC is considered more Latin than American, there has been a great step in showing that we are proud of our heritage to those who visit, while also showing appreciation for our acceptance in becoming an official state of the USA.

Anyone from PRC will tell you however, there was difficulty to try and fit both into the overall culture of the state itself. It is difficult to integrate an already existing culture alongside a culture we are still learning, but it had to be done.

That is why we had loaned to several of the restoration companies that were based around the state alongside several travel agents and hotels. Some of the hotels were designed to celebrate what makes Puerto Rico great, while the other restoration companies were created to restore the once brilliant landmarks and statues of the area.

The restoration of previous landmarks and the creation and building of hotels that were based around the heritage of the area meant that we could focus on building what was a new cultural centre for the state and have a way to celebrate our heritage with all who come through our doors. This way we could improve the culture while creating ways to make money.

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