Loans for factories and automation

You would be surprised, but the factory and automation trade in PRC is still growing. While in other countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States it is slowly dying as countries such as Japan are increasingly dominating the market, PRC has so much untouched land and areas to build factories and workshops that we have partnered with the United States (as a state) and with countries such as Germany to build and then ship out some of the cars for them.

In Japans care, we create some of the many parts that they use to build or replace on their own cars before selling them. Japan is quickly running out of space to build more factories, and with that they were looking for states and even countries to partner with or contract to create the parts that they needed building.

A man by the name of Mr. Espinoza had secured one of the contracts with Japan and borrowed the capital that was worth millions to build the factory upon land that he had purchased directly with the government. With loans that are worth a few million at least, you can work as an investor rather than a loan company and that is exactly what we had done.

Knowing that is was business loans he was looking for rather than a personal loan (due to the overall amount and credit ratings being impossible to get for that much), we had asked for 2.5% of the overall factory takings rather than a monthly payment. While it took much negotiation, the deal was agreed upon and every party has come out of the deal with millions more than they ever had.

It has become our most successful customer since we have started by far. There are few companies we would have expected this success with.

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